InLab MC X5

By switching between dry and wet, it can be used for milling zirconia, composite acrylic, wax, sintered metal, glass ceramic, and hybrid acrylic. Open design that can also use STL data from other software.

InFire HTC Super Speed & 2-in-1

A high-quality heating element and a furnace chamber with no temperature unevenness control the temperature accurately throughout the long-term sintering process. Bring the quality of the material to the highest level. Both zirconium oxide and non-precious metal can be sintered.

Nautilus T

High frequency induction heating + vacuum pressure casting With preset alloy specific programs, casting is always performed in the appropriate environment. Suitable for all commercially available precious metal and non-precious alloys.

Austromat 654 press-i-dent

A total of 200 firing schedules for each ceramic material can be saved in the program manager of the main unit. Parameters can be changed, overwritten and saved even during firing. Accurate pressing is possible by constantly monitoring the monitor inside the furnace.

Specialized Implant Superstructure Lab.

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