Three things we value

The dental prosthesis becomes a part of the patient's body and is responsible for daily food intake, speaking and aesthetics.

We carry out consistent quality control from ordering to delivery of our products.

1.Material selection

Government-approved safe and reliable material

The recent evolution of dental materials is remarkable, and various choices are possible according to each case. However, there are some products whose safety is suspected even if they are described as similar products, so care must be taken when selecting the materials used.

2. Keep the scientific work process

Manufacturing based on scientific evidence

Skilled technicians sometimes tend to rely on their intuition and feelings. We will eliminate non-scientific methods and comply with construction methods based on scientific data.

3. Confirmation of accuracy at each stage

Do not hesitate to turn back even with a slight anxiety

Various manufacturing processes, such as heating and cooling in casting and firing, cause unexpected changes in materials. It is important to check the accuracy under a microscope for each work process and immediately return to the previous process if there are any concerns.

Our products are delivered to your surgery through these quality controls.

Specialized Implant Superstructure Lab.

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