Our Products

Our implant products are faithful and scientifically based on the principles of Osseointegration.

Machinery and equipment

We select high-quality equipment that can handle delicate work.

Quality control

We use only safe materials approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


We are a specialized lab for implant superstructure.

We accept various credit cards.

We support the SDGs goal.

Our unique Precious Connection® (Screw Retained) is a sustainable dental prosthesis with excellent long-term stability while reducing metal costs. It flexibly responds to the ever-changing oral environment of the patient, such as expanding and modifying the framework for new missing teeth and repairing the crown due to occlusal changes. Repairing a dental prosthesis and using it for a long term would be a great save for a patient.

We are constantly working on materials, designs and manufacturing methods so that one product can be used comfortably for as long as possible. By providing sustainable dental prostheses, we will contribute to improving the quality of life of each patient.

REALITY DENTAL LABORATORY supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).